Project Name

Formally know as PFE (PathFinding Engine).


Project details Features

PFE is a basic software to find a direct path in a 2D map. A large-scalable solution for big map using minimum process time.

September 17th: Version 1.0

  • Color code to see alternative path and dead end.

  • Resizable map.

  • Unlimited resizable map engine (currently only 400*400 at screen more than this we can see them anymore).

  • Unlimited number of path in the same time engine (currently only two at display)

  • Path can be start and stop live.

  • Large-scalable program, constant time to take a move decision, linear time to find the path.

  • Optimization using 2 techniques describe here.

  • Use registry to save you setting.


Upcoming Features

  • The default button (press by enter) will be new map or solution instead of Quit!

  • Top right display control can be disable/enable by clicking on it.

  • Zooming and scroling the map (this will also help to support very big map over 500*500)

  • Importing/export map.

October 7th 2001: The display process is pretty slow (it draw horizontal and vertical lines, fills every rectangles for each cell. On huge (1000*1000) this is very long! Version 1.1 will be completely different. The program will display a bitmap. Currently the bitmap format that I use is not device-independent. In a couple of weeks, the new version show be ready.

If you need extra information TO UNDERSTAND TO COLOR IN THE GRAPH.


About the Author

JcMorin (Jean-Claude Morin)
20 years old. Sherbrooke, Canada.
Computer Science Student.

Resume Page

"My First Software Ever!"

Another utility GW Character builder tools. Skills and spells search for guild wars.



Completely Free program.

The program: pfe1.0.exe (52 ko)

Needed DLL msvcp60.dll (392 ko) If visual studio is install on your machine you already have it
(Put the DLL in the same folder as fpe1.0.exe or in the /system32 folder)

If you are an "potential" employer and you would like to see the source code please contact me, and indicating you company and department.. I'm available only for Canada and US. (I do speak French To!)



Question ? Comments ? Bugs ? Write me!

I appreciate.